PB STUDIOS Calendar Launch 2019

Tolly stars unveils the fourth edition of the PB Studios Calendar

The PB Studios Calendar is back again with its fourth edition that was launched recently at a city club. It is a non-commercial project which emphasizes on high end fashion & theme based shoot done by Kolkata based photographer Pratik Bhattacharya and his team. Every year the calendar is being graced by various well known faces from the entertainment & glamour industry and this year too is no different.

This year the calendar features small screen biggies like Vikram Chatterjee, Trina Saha, Neel Bhattacharya, Adrija Roy amongst others. Actors like Aryan Bhowmick who have made their mark on the big screen too are part of this edition of the PB Studios Calendar. Since its inception the  PB Studios Calendar has been supported by various known faces and veterans from the industry and it is due to their constant support & also the love and support of the clients & well wishers  of the company ( PB Studios ) that its popularity have grown overtime and have also engaged a large number of people on social media.     

 The main highlight of the calendar is  “ Project Asha “ whereby  PB Studios organizes a charity campaign every year  alongside its calendar promotions generating aids and donations ( cash or  kind ) and distributes them to various NGOs  and charitable organizations across the city . We at  PB Studios firmly believe in giving away and sharing with the less fortunate & thus the calendar acts as a  means to help us achieve this and spread awareness amongst everyone so that we all can come ahead to make this society a better place to live in.  To sum it all up lets all start this New Year with a fresh mindset and help put a smile on someone’s face

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