Announcement ceremony and logo-poster launch of the Bengali film Poila Boishakh directed by Bhaskar Chaudhuri

14 December,2018, Kolkata: Today we are here for the official announcement and the first logo-poster launch of Poila Baishakh, a Three Wish Entertainment production,  a film directed by Bhaskar Chaudhuri and produced to you by Rituparna Thakur and Ashis Ghosh. In Poila Baisakh a bandwagon of actors like Aparajita Adhya, Srabanti Chatterjee, Kamaleswar Mukherjee,  Paran Bandyopadhyay, Shantilal Mukherjee, Sujan Mukherjee, Kinjal Nanda,  Faiz Khan, Parijat Chaudhuri and Arjit and many others will be seen performing.

A rather surprising inclusion will be Iman Chakraborty who is going to make her debut as an actress in this film. Her role will be a very significant one.

The screenplay of the film has been written by Bhaskar Chaudhuri. Assistant screenplay writers are Rana Mukherjee and Dwipayan Dutta Roy.

D.O. P. Of the film of Subhankar Bhar and editing of the  film will be done by Subhajit Singha. Art direction will be undertaken by Tanmoy Chakraborty. Music direction will be taken care of by Bhaskar Chaudhuri and Debashis Shome. Abhishek Roy will be designing the costumes. Poster designing has  been done by Sourish Mitra.

The director does not want to limit his film by specifying the genre of it. However, he thinks Poila Baisakh,  his film can be loosely called a choreo-musical thriller in which undaunted sisters undertake their rash journey for survival while attempting to revive the indigenous classical dance forms and folk culture.The vicissitudes of their fate, the uncanny betrayals and the bouts of alienation – everything takes its toll on the two sisters who somehow overcome or,  at least, try to overcome it  through their sole survival kit, dance. The director is more  intent on showing that how this initial outward conflict would turn this film into a psychological thriller, as he himself thinks that it’s in the end the psychological chores and nuances of the characters that he is actually interested in exploring.

Since it’s a choreo-musical thriller, this film is going to be grratly accompanied by rich traditional Bengali lyrics ranging from Bhushukpada, Vidypati to Jaydev.  To such a list of lyrics and composition are to be added to original composition prepared by Bhaskar Chaudhuri and Debashis Shome.

Likewise, choreography plays an immense part in this film as the centre of the story evolves around dance. Raktim Goswami and Abhiyan would be the dance choreographers of the film who will equally support the director in  essaying the very  essence of the film through their designing of dance. They will be assisted by many talented folk dance artists.

Playbacks in the film have been done by Anweshaa Dattagupta, Iman Chakraborty, Mithu Monfokira, and Debashis Shome.

Three Wish Entertainment has produced a film berfore Poila Baisakh called Raktakarobi which has gained much international acclaim. Not only that, in many an international film festival the film has been screened. Three Wish Entertainment aims to gift the Bengali audience with many a good film in days to come and in this endeavour they want your support and co-operation so that this film and their other ventures reach as many people as possible.

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