That Bohemian Rhapsody

Hysteria if I am not mistaken is a ‘performer’s’ delight! Passion & hysteria go hand in hand if you are a musician, one such prodigy born to the Parsi’s was the ‘Hysterical Queen’, Freddie Mercury. The band ‘Queen’ who have given us some of the greatest music, hitting our right chords was actually the gift of Mercury. This gift was no less than that of Mozart & his life is the true representation of everything that an artist goes through. I would call ‘The Bohemian Rahpsody’ something for ‘Everyman’. While all men are artists, that’s true, however only a few are true performers.

For those who think & believe in the saying “All The World’s a Stage” can only understand what a performer truly is! One such biography, one such soul who could be fearless & hysterical at the same time! Someone who could make the audience his own voice, could celebrate his sickness & who could voice his very own stardom. Freddie Mercury is all about, ‘You gotta make the impression darling!” Someone who changed his name from ‘Bulsara’ to ‘Mercury’; married a girl only to discover he is a bisexual. How he embraced the family of friends & how life gifted him a stage to perform as to him, “The Show Must Go On.”

The biopic traces the sheer magnanimity of a true artist. His incisors were a crown to the beauty of his performance. His life only traces the versatility that an artist exhibits, not only on stage but in his real life too. Legends are not born, Legends evolve. The movie recreates Queen’s belief in “A Band of misfits, for misfits”. The music & its alchemy is bizarre, abrupt at places & truly existential. Eventual falling out & the subsequent reunion of the band traces a very standard shelf life of a musical band. But what truly stands out are the grave notes, the ‘Everyman’ element & the quality of production. Rami Malek, deserves a special mention as he soaks the soul of Mercury into him & tries to depict the extraordinary in ordinary. An emotional ride sure it is, but what matters is what you take back home & I took back the legend’s soul! Probably, in the event of creating, yet another Bohemian Rhapsody!

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