Aquaman: Not So Dark After All

Constant darkness in DC films is no longer seen in the upcoming movie “Aquaman” which will release on December 21st 2018 directed by James Wan. The film Aquaman starring Jason Mamoa as Aquaman and Amber Heard as Mera mirrored themselves almost like that of the comic character.

The movie is appreciated by all the comic lovers as because the famous costume of aquaman is seen in the trailer at some point and it looks perfect.

The film is the journey of young Arthur who is half human and half Atlantean. Three villains of Aquaman comic universe are seen in the trailer – The Ocean Master, Black Manta and Nereus and fans are freaking out though the main villain in the film is the Ocean Master, Aquaman’s  half-brother. Thee film revolves around the battle between the two half brothers to take the rightful king of Atlantis.

The entire trailer is mind blowing and everyone is hoping the movie to be as good as the trailer. The only thing that disappointed every comic fan out there is the fact that the movie is going to change the actual relationship of Mera and Nereus and showing them as  father and daughter on screen.

After constant dark movies from DC, comic and movie Geeks are quite excited about Aquaman as because it’s something new after all the DC movies yet released.

by Tanmana Pal

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