Opening Ceremony of Painting and Sculpture at Academy of Fine Arts

Kolkata, 29 August : Art is a great tool for spreading and uplifting the scenario of the society. As it is a strong weapon for delivering message to masses. Sometimes words are not enough for expressing our thoughts and feelings thus many artists promote ideas of the society through their art. People all around us like to talk, discuss and argue about the human nature, behaviour and seek for suitable answers. Instead of talking and trying to explain concepts in words, the artists visualise it in their painting.

DA – BRITTO, a group of young artists organised a painting and sculpture exhibition from 28th of August to 3rd September, 2018 at Academy of Fine Arts (South B Gallery). The opening ceremony was on 28th August which was inaugurated by Shri Samir Aich (Eminent Artist) and Shri Soumalya Chakraborty (Eminent Sitar Player).

The name of the artists are Arnav Pal, Moinak Roy, Soumitra Chanak, Sarmistha Kaviraj, Megha Ghosh, Suchandrima Pramanik, Srija Chakraborty and Sourav Shee. They choose the name DA – BRITTO because they think “Every life is different in terms of their characteristics but still they co – exist in this complete circle. We all are artists with different point of views, thinking and skills but we are in one complete circle, this is our artistic intellect.”

As the name DA – BRITTO itself says that each individuals in the society are different in characters but they are somehow united and connected. Similarly this exhibition does not have one complete theme, each individual has their own theme. Artist Arnav Pal’s theme is “Few angle of Human life”, Artist Moinak Roy’s theme is “Colours of our society”, Artist Soumitra Chanak’s theme is “Common and regular ideas in Uncommon forms”,  Artist Sarmistha Kaviraj theme is “Woman Appears in different forms and goes any limit to erase Evil”, Artist Megha Ghosh’s theme is “Different aspects of Goddess”, Artist Suchandrima Pramanik’s theme is “Colour of womanhood”, Artist Srija Chakraborty’s theme is “Indian history and mythology” and lastly Artist Sourav Shee’s theme is “Kolkata- The city of joy”.

Text by Atrayee Bose

Photograph by Sandipan Mitra

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