Cactus for Kerala- Music for a Cause

Cactus the noted Bengali rock band celebrated it’s 26 th birthday at Baraanda, yesterday.Sidhu said, ” We have decided to cut down the cost of the celebration and contribute for the Kerala flood effected people.So we dont consider this years celebration as happiest one but we remember those effected people on this special day and trying to support our way.”
Cactus is known for its songs like Noyar Naukay Aami, Haalud Pakhi and so on.They contributed the fund through paytm to the Kerala Chief Minister Relief Fund.
The current line up of the band Sidhu, Baji,Sugata, Saqi,Buti,Abhirup performed some popular songs like Uraner Gaan, Noyar Noukay,Holud Pakhi on this occassion.

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