Kaya: Actress Sayani Datta’s Next Big Release

A variety of roles keeps her on her acting toes and that’s what inspires Sayani Datta – always to be seen in new avatars. The actress who has impressed the audience with her previous films will now be seen in Rajib Chowdhury’s upcoming horror and mystery film, Kaya. “This is my second outing with Rajib after ‘Romantic Noy’. He is a very calm and cool director and takes a lot of care of the cast and crew. We had a blast shooting for the film,” says Sayani.

Kaya, which is releasing in January will see Sayani play the role of Sraboni, an assistant to a filmmaker. “I cannot share many details right now as it’s a mystery film. All I can reveal is that Kaya traces the journey of a filmmaker and how life changes for him,” says the actress.

The film which also stars Raima Sen, Kaushik Sen and Priyanka among others was shot extensively in Cherapunji. Recollects Sayani, “We stayed at this beautiful resort in Cherapunji. That place is definitely haunted. We were asked not to step out of the resort at night as there was a graveyard nearby. Eve during the shoot, some crew members noticed shadows crawling past. It was really scary. At night, it was so dark and quiet i could barely catch any sleep.”

How was it working with the other cast members? Sayani says, “Everyone was really chilled out and cooperative. Raima is a complete foodie and talk a lot about the different cuisines that she tries when she is travelling. She is very friendly and a great co-actor. Kaushik Sen is a very helpful person and it’s been a pleasure working with him.  Priyanka is a sweetheart and we struck a close bond while shooting.”

Sayani, who loves to essay powerful roles, will also be seen in Satrajit Sen’s film, Michael. “That’s a completely comic character. I love to do roles which are as different as chalk and cheese. I have never really played the girl next door. Its challenging to balance so many different characters but I love it. An actor’s life should never be boring,” signs off the actress.

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