The End of Game of Thrones Season 7 & Yet Winter is Coming

Longer is the wait for the greatest war ever, between “The Living & The Dead”

Here we are, the end of Game Of Thrones Season 7, in what is arguably the greatest series ever!

And the finale is obviously filled with horror, blood and trans-pierce. The common enemy beyond the Wall is ready to get this war started at once. It so obvious that the season finale would be a “wow!” after Daenerys’s revenge on the Lannister armies to Lady Olenna’s jaw dropping confession and the saddest episode in which Daenerys lost one of her beloved children. So, if you have not watched the latest and the final episode, here’s a run down of few epic scenes that occurred in the last episode and blew everyone’s mind.

Let me just say, “SPOILER ALERT!!”

First of all the epic meet of Daenerys and Cersei and not to forget the breath taking entry of Daenerys. And after facing the wight, Cersei’s face turned into horror. Not to forget the greatest death in the entire episode whose death everyone had been praying for from season one. The death of the mastermind, Lord Baelish took place as the stark sisters turned the table and executed him in the Great Hall of Winterfell.


As Ned Stark said,“When the snow fall and the white wind blows, and the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.” The Starks did survive and the bond between the Stark sisters is growing. As we move forward in the episode, Jamie walks away from Cersei to join the great war with Brienne when he finds out that Cersei was lying the whole time and was breaking the truce. Moreover the incomplete conversation between Tyrion and Cersei keeps everyone in a weird situation as Tyrion seemed a little out of place in the episode and to be honest, Tyrion had been well portrayed as neutral in the past few episodes.

Oh yes, Bran and Sam figures out that Jon is not exactly a bastard but a legitimate son of Rhaegal Targarayen and Lyanna Stark, as we see in the flashback when they were married and were very much in love. The real name of Jon Snow is Aegon Targaryen. While we had Bran say “He has never been a bastard. He’s the heir to the Iron Throne. He needs to know. We need to tell him.” and on-screen we see Jon and Daenerys make love, we can’t help but notice the payoff to the tradition in Targaryen family to perform intermarriage in family.


Last and not the least, the Night King is indeed the most powerful person (undead?) in the entire seven kingdoms right now and with the help of Viserion, the Night King easily took down the Great Wall and is moving faster towards inland of Westeros and perhaps even beyond. Admittedly, the blue fire that Viserion was spit-balling was indeed a cool visual!

So, did Tormund and Beric die when the Great Wall collapsed? till the next season, it’s still a mystery.

The great war is almost here but its gonna be a long wait. Some say 2 years to go. while others say 1 year. All we can confirm is filming has not yet begun!

Let the countdown begin.


Text by Tanmana Pal

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