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Nirdhan Empowers 11,000 Families through Work Eco-Systems


Kolkata : SaheraBegam and Kalyani Mondal might had different sets of adversities and challenges from life, but thanks to Nirdhan they are now better equipped to face them and improve the quality of their lives at the same time.nirdan2

Nirdhan, the livelihood space in the rural areas of West Bengal, have so far had a positive effect on more than 11,000 families in four districts of Bengal bringing about an eco-system of change through different skill sets and livelihood means. By the next year they plan to reach out to at least 3000 more families.

“Very few NGOs are in the livelihood space in the rural areas of West Bengal, we are one of them. Most of the NGOs provide remediation in the spheres of education, women and child healthcare, general healthcare, specialised healthcare, old age care, stray animals etc. We are working with the farmers helping them understand and practice three to four enterprises that surround their immediate lives like poultry, agriculture, goat herding and pisciculture thereby spreading the risk rather than working on one enterprise and making it a high risk one,” saidMr Vasant Subramanyan, Chairman.

Thus Nirdhan creates permanent solution instead of temporary ones training entire families including women, children and elderly grandparents alike, so that every person in the household can contribute to the well being of a family.

Targets for 2018 – 19


  1. To distribute 10,040 poultry toolkits across all 4 locations.
  2. To work with 2,500 families/households.

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