A Bouquet of Rabindra Sangeet in Hindi – Rang

Rang, the colours of nature, the shades of life, even the hues that nature bestows upon our lives, makes this album of the Nobel laureate’s creations. The compositions of Gurudev have largely portrayed the nature (Prakriti) and its stimulus on our day-to-day emotions, the most prominent being that of love (Prem).

The album  “RANG” by Anindya-Shelley was released by eminent Rabindra Sangeet artiste Prabuddha Raha at First Flush (Golpark ),  on INRECO, recently. Anindya-Shelley have chosen six of Rabindranath Tagore’s songs which interpret the relationship of love with that of nature, and its varying inspirations in different seasons. It was a long and much cherished dream of the duo to reach out to other-than-Bengali-speaking audiences, with the gems of Tagore’s creations. Shouvik Mazumdar, a very talented composer of contemporary times has translated Gurudev’s contemplations, with a touch of his simple yet chaste Hindi.

Professor Debal Dasgupta from the MS University of Baroda, Gujarat, has enriched the verses with a touch of finesse, while, most truly, the tuneful renditions of the two some have produced all the vivacity, that will engross the listeners.  Music has been Arranged by  Rana Sarkar.Songs like Aaj Sawan ghanaghata chaiye re(Aji jhoro jhoro mukhoro badoro diney), Sakhi pyar mein na janu (Sokhi bhabona kahare boley), O mere chand suhana  (O amar chander alo),Kab se main ye socha tha       (Kotobaro bhebechhinu), Udashini jaisey kesuyo ki lat se  (Udashini beshe bideshini ke se),Pagli hawako aaj de diyahaiman  (Phagun haway haway).

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