Tram Tales- An Exciting Event to Promote Heritage & Culture of The City

Tram Tales, an initiative by Max Fashion India, is a mixed cultural extravaganza at the non-working Gariahat Tram Depot celebrating the history of trams, while safeguarding it from disappearing & looking to its wonderful and exciting future.

With an approval from CTC, Max to use the beautiful Gariahat Tram Depot as a location to utilize and execute the plan to renovate the non-working trams.


With a humble tribute to the glorious trams of the city Tollywood Actors, Artists, Bands, Models, Painters and others to share the Live For Today moments of Kolkata Trams with their presence.

The event was held at Gariahat Tram Depot on May 7th. The event focused on the following primary elements :-

  • The Filmy Trams – Trams fitted with small projection screens and turned into a mini cinema hall, showcasing short films, music videos, archival footage and international films.
  • The Drama Trams – The same became the stage of city’s best theatre group who performed inside the tram in every 15 mins interval.
  • The Musical Trams – Bands like Ganesh Talkies, Underground Authority, Neel Sarkar Project and other youth bands performed inside a tram. The audience were given the freedom to move around the tram and enjoy the performances.
  • The Adda Trams – The tram which turned into a small cafe partnering with local coffee shop, boutique and all where people can sit and talk and also rejoice.
  • The Painted Trams – The one single tram painted by the best printers of the town.

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