7 Coordinated Terror Attacks in Paris – Full Report

On Friday night (November 13, 2015),  terrorists hit a concert hall, a major stadium, bars and restaurants. The attacks were later claimed by the Islamic State militants. At least 129 people have died and 350 injured in the attacks. 42 people are still in intensive care. The terror attacks were carried out by at least seven militants of the IS, wearing suicide vests.

First Two Attacks

The first 2 explosions were heard close to the Stade de France, where the French President Francois Hollande was watching a France vs Germany match. The first explosion was a suicide bombing at an entrance to the stadium. According to reports by a newspaper, an explosives-vest was found on one of the attacker as he was trying to enter the stadium with a ticket. Later while defending himself from the security guards, the attacker detonated the bomb in his vest.

Source: CNN
Source: CNN

Minutes later, another suicide bomber blew himself up. The explosions in the stadium killed one person in addition to the two suicide bombers, creating mass panic and injuring people while they were evacuated. The French President was moved out of the stadium safely.

Third Attack

Around 4 miles away from the stadium, terrorists opened fire on the Petit Cambodge Cambodian restaurant in Rue Bichat and the Le Carillon Bar on the other side of the same road. The militants killed 15 people who were enjoying their weekend night-outs with friends and families.

Fourth Attack

Within 10 minutes of their last attack in Rue Bichat, the terrorists drove to Casa Nostra pizzeria in Rue de la Fontaine au Roi and opened fire on diners on the restaurant’s terrace. At least 5 people were killed in the attack.

Fifth Attack

The attackers then killed at least 19 people in Rue de Charonne after opening fire on the La Belle Equipe bar. People were mostly drunk and failed to understand what was going on exactly.

Sixth Attack

The American rock band Eagles of Death Metal were playing at the Bataclan in Boulevard Voltaire. At 2150 HRS (local time), an hour after the band started performing, gunmen wearing suicide vests entered the hall and calmly started firing randomly at the audience with AK-47s. People from the audience thought the sounds of the fire to be a part of the performance, soon realizing the that terrorists were shooting down innocent people and there was blood everywhere.

Two militants blew up their explosive belts. Anti terror police shot down the third gunman at around 0030HRS (local time). The death toll at the concert hall had reached 89 till November 15, 2015.

Another terrorist exploded his suicide vest at a restaurant up the road from the Balaclan at around 2145HRS in Boulevard Voltaire. One person was seriously injured in the blast.

Seventh Attack

Another blast took place around 2150HRS, almost simultaneously with the concert hall attack, in a McDonald’s restaurant, near the stadium, marking the 3rd blast at the Stade de France.

7 militants had been killed across the capital of France – Paris.


Police made 7 arrests during the Molenbeek raids in Belgium. Sources reveal that 3 brothers were involved in the attacks – Ibrahim Saleh Abdeslam, Mohammed Saleh  Abdeslam and Abdeslam Saleh Abdeslam. The first one killed himself outside the Comptoir Voltaire restaurant; the second one is being questioned by the police and third brother is still on the run.

A massive manhunt is under way for the surviving members of the Islamic State militant group that killed 129 people in Paris on November 13, 2015.

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