Interview: The Italian ‘Cocktail’ in India

Based in Italy, Sushi Rain, a band full of crazy performers and musicians, released their new studio album COCKTAIL from Indian entertainment company Jackson Records Digital Entertainment LLP under the record label Jackson Records. Here’s a crazy & interesting conversation between our staff writer Samiksha Khanduri & the members of Sushi Rain about their band, their music & the new album Cocktail –

Why sushi? A dish from Japan . Any connection? How did you come across this name?

SR: We were all out at an all-you-can eat sushi bar. We all love sushi so we ate like it was our last day on earth. That night, the sushi decided to reintroduce itself in other forms, thankfully in the privacy of our own bathrooms.

What ingredients went  into making this new  cocktail?

SR: Drums, bass, guitar, screaming voices, keyboards and horns. A shot of funk mixed with a dose of metal poured over a base of seasoned slash rock. A dash of experimental fusion ferments with idiosyncratic licks and sharp as absinthe lyrics. The result: a Sushi jam to taste on your most delirious nights of pure folly.

This venture to enter the the Indian market for music, with Jackson Records, how is it conducive in the liason between Italy and India?

SR: Italian pasta with Indian curry is surely a delicious combination. We are confident this mix will be just as soulful, spicy, innovative and cohesive as the combination of our cultures.

Do you listen to Indian music? Is there any bollywood personality you are fond of?

SR: Unfortunately not much Indian music or Bollywood movies arrive in Italy. We are fans of Ravi Shankar and the guitarist Shawn Lane who used many Indian musical influences in his songs. We are excited to explore more Bollywood films and absorb Indian influences into our music.

What is the thought behind the album cover of cocktail?

SR:We created a cartoon that represents many lyrics in our songs that criticize Italian politics and poke fun at our society’s blind following of popular trends.

What best defines love according to you?

SR: Love is real, as long as you don’t pay for it.

Is Sushi Rain a band of singles?

SR: We are all about receiving love in all forms. :)

How have you evolved thirteen years down the line, with your own music, both at a professional and a personal level?

SR: Actually we are a band of misfits since 2010. But in 5 years we have been listening to new music and discovering unique atmospheres. There have been many changes for example, our drummer,  Francesco Micieli, has grown a beard and become a monk, our bass player, Marcello Arena, has died and been resurrected thanks to ‘nduja (spicy Calabrian sausage), our saxophonist, Nadia Koski, actually got married to a normal human being, our guitarist, Francesco Bini, has transformed himself into a hybrid, blond alien who is a cross between Cindy Crawford and Johnny Depp while reciting in Anna Karenina, frontman and singer, Matteo Carrai, has founded a colony of ants who specialize in transportation to Pluto, Alessandro Biondi, our keyboardist, became leader in the wombat cheese market in Alaska.

Here’s a music teaser Jackson Records uploaded before the release –


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