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Sri Returns Stories in a Gallery

On 13th August, 2018, Calcutta hosted a remembrance program dedicated to the Late. Mrs. Sridevi originally known as Shree Amma Yanger Ayyapan, at Abanindra Nath Tagore Gallery (ICCR). She starred in many Hindi cinemas as well as other regional language cinemas as well. She was referred to as Indian Cinema’s first female superstar. This evening wasn’t commemorated to have debate on whether she was an alcoholic or what was the true reason behind her untimely demise, but it was hosted to cherish the memories she left in this world. It was started in the presence of Famous Indian Playback Singer Usha Uthup as the ‘naki bandi’connect to Sridevi as well as a special felicitation to celebrate Sridevi’s first birthday after her demise a year ago.

The evening was started by the Famous Indian Fashion Designer Jaya Misra reciting a poem as a remembrance for Sridevi, followed up by dance performances based on Sridevi’s iconic performances such as “Bijli Girane Main Hoon Aai” from Mr. India. It also shared different aspects of the enigma who was child-woman, actor, lover, diva, dancer and mother all at the same time. Some of those aspects paid tribute to a rather more playful side of Sridevi, which was with her until the very end. Its meaning was to be playful with the audience to share a bond of participation with the audience. Another one of those aspects were Sridevi the lover, whose portrayal of ‘Chandni’ clad in white saree inspired millions of women to be like her and billions of men lose their sleep over her. She not only spread her love by the character’s dramatic portrayal but also through its gestures, through her unique feminine gait while she used to dance.

Finally, this was just a humble tribute by all of those artists present there to someone who they felt had lived in many bodies and minds throughout the years.

by Anobik Paul

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