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DAFZO, UK Based Startup is Going to Disrupt USD 8,797 Billion Logistics Industry with its Patented Technology

DAFZO, UK Based Start-up is going to disrupt USD 8,797 billion logistics industry with its patented technology. DAFZO recently filed for the patent application in UK & Europe.


DAFZO, UK based start-up which is world’s first Blockchain based Global P2P Logistics platform is creating disrupting the logistics using Blockchain, smart contracts and AI. Within 1st month of the launch, DAFZO has a partnership with global logistics support partner with Hong Kong-based Galaxy e-solutions hybrid Blockchain market leading refurbished electronics company.


DAFZO aims to revolutionize the Global e-commerce logistics and the consignment forwarding system by eliminating the present financial intermediaries like bankers that involved in the process of Letter of credit to facilitate International sales. Alternately DAFZO proposed Blockchain logistics ecosystem, which cost much less to operate and further adds benefits to the user by reducing the Turn Around Time (TAT) of shipment and the hefty transaction fee of financial intermediates. DAFZO provides enhanced safer technology and reliability and strengthens the entire supply chain.


DAFZO is the fusion of Blockchain, smart contract, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning process that offers a number of benefits to the average consumer, including safety, liquidity, and economies of scale in Trade Finance & International sales. For instance, under traditional route letter of credit open to an exporter against property collateral, in India its known commonly known as Loan Against Property. DAFZO ecosystem open letter of credit without property Collateral and exporter save high banking commissions under letters of credit also avoid the lengthy paper process.


DAFZO is the advanced version of Courierhome, which is India’s first online logistics aggregator powered by AI (ALIS) by the same founding team. Courierhome empowers users to send a courier from anywhere in India to anywhere in the world.



 Prateek Sharma – DAFZO & Courierhome founder

Speaking to DAFZO & Courierhome founder Prateek Sharma about the inspiration behind the beta launch and DAFZO. Prateek added, “From the inception of logistics industry is one of the most unorganized sectors and lacking innovation in the terms of technology integration. We came up with an idea of beta-launch of Courierhome by introducing India’s first online logistics aggregator service, integrated with Artificial Intelligence.


Prateek also added, “We have received overwhelmed response so far from the market and looking at the response team decided to launch beta version globally by adding an advanced layer of most disruptive technology Blockchain.”


Sushant Kumar – Cofounder & COO of DAFZO and Courierhome

According to the Cofounder & COO of DAFZO and Courierhome Sushant Kumar, DAFZO “DAFZO is using smart contract for every transaction keeping the security measure in mind. DAFZO is going to create an ecosystem in which beneficiary parties such as international buyers, e-store and importer-exporter are going to benefit. Dafzo is empowering international buyers to shop online without any geographical barrier and same time offer e-stores to expand their business internationally.”


DAFZO is also upcoming with its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and through ICO will launch its ERC20 cryptocurrency utility token “DFZ” tokens. Nass and Guild LLP, an IPR consulting firm which is having expertise in IPR and cryptocurrency regulation is helping DAFZO in framing legal framework for ICO offering.




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