BusinessInternetTech, A Unique Social Gift Registry Platform, Enables Users to Choose Right Gifts for the Loved Ones is an innovative online portal that efficiently connects your family and friends, locally and globally, helping you to make a wish with open eyes. The one-of-its-kind platform empowers you to make your wishes known to your loved ones and let them know what you need.


 MakeMyWishes is a concept which carved itself out from the daunting question we faced whenever the task of gifting was at hand. What would the receiver want? Will he/she like the idea? What should be the right price? What of my budget? Size, fit, color issues and the list went on. Will these be right gifts for men or women? Wedding after wedding we ended gifting people money and wedding gifts card. Birthday after birthday, festival after festival we struggled with repeat gifts. And through the entire struggle, MakeMyWishes was born.

Anu Gupta, Co- Founder, MakeMyWishes says” MakeMyWishes is the only social gift registry platform in India which gives a unique opportunity to both the sender and receiver of the gift, a chance of happiness and containment. The receiver is happy to receive what they wished for and the sender is content to having given a meaningful gift, which the receiver will remember.

So, all we need to do is create an event and post a wish in it either by pasting a URL or an image of the things we desires such as holiday packages, Macbook Air, a pair of trendy shoes or as simple as a box of cupcakes. Upon seeing your update, the social circle entailing family and friends would automatically know what to gift you for your birthday or any occasion. Taking reference from this, it becomes a lot easier for people to gift relevantly, without spending hours to decide on the gift. MakeMywishes is available on Android. Alongside, is expected to be available on iPhone as well, in the near future.

 About MakeMyWishes​.com​
 MakeMyWishes works on one mantra, which is ‘Dont keep your wishes a secret any longer’. The online portal works with a simple thought, to fulfil one’s wishes and desires. Using is as easy as saying Wish – share – Get. You can create a list of things you really wish for, share it with your loved ones, and get your wishes Fulfilled!This unique idea was seeded and nurtured by co-founders Ms. Anu Gupta and Ms. Sapna Chaudhary. They believe that having a wish list keeps a person motivated and grounded, and that there is no greater feeling than getting a wish fulfilled.


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