Major Earthquake Lurking Under India and Bangladesh

A new study from Nature Geo-science has come out that predicts that a massive earthquake that can turn owns in Eastern India to ruins.

The study shows a subduction plate where one late is slipping under the other. These fault zones are usually in water but this one is under a land continent and it greatly magnifies the threat. This strain which has been created has been gathering for about 400 years and researchers say that this Earthquake, if it occurs, will be of a magnitude around 9.

The reason is that the Indian Subcontinent has been pushing in to the Asian continent for tens of thousands of years. This strain has already caused the Nepal Earthquake of 2015 which killed 9000. Now we might experience a bigger one than that.

Another thing is that from the Himalayan Mountains to the Gangetic Delta the plains are covered in silt. This silt and “mud”, if an earthquake occurs, may turn to gelatin like substances swallowing people, buildings and roads.

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