Jadavpur University Student Found Dead on Railway Tracks

Kolkata, July 9th, 2016: A student of The Jadavpur University that had gone missing 6 days ago was recently found dead on railway tracks near the Jadavpur Station. The student, according to his friends had not been attending classes of late and could not figure out why he shifted from the main Mess. Subhajit Das, the student, had shifted from his mess to a PG and on that same night he had gone missing.

Locals who had been at the station said that they had seen a young man sitting on the platform on Wednesday night and had jumped on the track after two bogies of a Sealdah bound train had past.

The police are currently trying to figure out how the accident happened and deduced that it is either an accident or a suicide. The victims mother however does not believe her son committed suicide.

According to his teacher, Santanu Biswas, Subhojit was “an above average student” whose classroom “interactions were always limited”. Because of this he didn’t know what was really happening in his head.

Till now there is no answers yet and Subhojits death is still a mystery.

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