Howrah Man Set On Fire, Pleads For Life

July 9th, 2016, Howrah – Late Thursday evening a man in Ghusuri was seen running along Jai Bibi Road engulfed in flames. He was screaming and pleading for is life at bystanders.

The man was identified as Sakku Shau who now fights for his life at the TL Jaiswal State Hospital. He suffers from 56% burn injuries.

Shau had lended Surinder, the attacker, Rs 1500 a couple of months back. After repeated requests of returning the money, Surinder reportedly lost patience. On the pretence that he would give Shau his money back, Surinder called Shau. When he arrived, Surinder poured kerosene oil on him and set him ablaze. Locals nearby managed to douse him out with buckets of water. The victim on arrival in the hospital passed out but had managed to give the police a statement on the way there.

Police have traced Surinder who has been charged with attempt to murder under section 307 of the Indian Penal Code.

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