Al-Qaeda Encourages Lone Wolf Attacks in India

Days after the Bangladeshi Cafe attack, which ISIS took responsibility of, Al-Qaeda sent out a message urging Muslims of India to carry out lone wolf attacks all over India.

This message was delivered online through a recording of Asim Umar, the head of Al-Qaeda in the India Subcontinent (AQIS). He said that Indian Muslims should follow the Muslims in Europe and revolt against the police officers and high ranking officials.

According to U.S intelligence AQIS said, “Start Jihad with the strength which Allah has already granted you. Kill the senior officers of institutions and administrative departments that get (people to) start these riots.”

This call to power of the Indian Muslims by AQIS has been happening frequently since the AQIS formation in 2014. But the Indian Muslim population has been unmoved and only a handful, according to officials, have tried to join Al-Qaeda.

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