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eWellness Expert Makes Mental Wellness Affordable and Accessible to Global Population

With increasing cases of unfortunate accidents due to disruptive and hazardous behavioural traits among mankind, mental wellness is gaining well deserved importance these days all across the world.

eWellness Expert (, an India-based organization located in Bangalore, is set to promote mental wellness to people of all ages and generations across the nation and beyond so that no one lives in stress; each one is benefitted with greatness of mind.

“There has been a notion in society that counselling and mental health treatments are expensive and only mad people need this, however, eWellness Expert tends to break the barrier of such misconceptions. It not only makes counselling with best counsellors across the world affordable to common mass, but also works on spreading awareness by arranging camps in rural areas and through active people involvement with its blog, forum and free questions. Every one dollar invested in scaling up mental health treatment leads to a return of four dollars in better health and ability to work,” says Shiva Raman Pandey, founder of eWellness Expert.

It is also providing great opportunities for business organizations and educational institutions. Now mental health goes beyond individuals to professional groups which can improve work productivity, better results and reduce rates of suicide and professional lag, both amongst professionals and students.

“Only depression and anxiety cost the global economy 1 trillion dollars a year, so organizations can actually take this golden opportunity from eWellness Expert by subscribing to their corporate wellness packages for workplace stress and work-life balance along with all emotional and mental concerns,” says Dr. KV Anand (counselling expert and advisor to eWellness Expert).

eWellness Expert goes forth with a competitive spirit to get better in everything they do.

There are other market contenders like Talkspace, Joyable, 7cups and YourDost who are into the same kind of services, but eWellness Expert stands out in the following ways:

  • There are many services available for free to make it accessible to all.
  • All possible modes of communication like audio, video, text and chat.
  • 100% refund, no questions asked if unsatisfied.
  • Uses in-built HIPAA compliant technology for audio, video.
  • Best counsellors from various parts of the world counsel in your language.
  • Completely secure platform which allows the users to delete their conversations and medical records.
  • It has its presence is both India and USA.
  • All contents are available in both English and Hindi to make it popular among Hindi speaking people.

Achievements: Within a short span of three months eWellness Expert has helped around 1000 users from India, USA, UK, Pakistan, Dubai and Palestine. Its Blogs and stories are attracting a lot of readers as they are motivating and solution oriented and can really help you in coping with daily life problems.

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