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RSBL Dia Jewels Launches ‘Laughing Buddhas’ Necklace for Women & Diamond Studded Cufflinks for Men

For men, RSBL dia jewels have come up with diamond studded cufflinks – for men in FG colour. It’s a trendy accessory for men with a luxury look ideally suitable for occasions.

About Sparsh

Sparsh Touch Of elegance is an exclusive diamond jewellery brand by RSBL dia jewels, have products that are hallmarked by BIS and it was established in the year 2013.

Brainchild of Mr. Prithviraj Kothari MD of RSBL, Sparsh was launched with a vision to bring revolution in the diamond jewellery business today. In short years, this vision is well on its way to being realized.

Today, the company is known for jewellery that touches your impression with sheer elegance.

The Sparsh collection offers diamond jewellery in 18- carat gold, Sparsh also has an exclusive collection designed for special occasions. The collection ranges from precious gemstones like glittering diamonds, deep reddish rubies, green emeralds, and cool blue sapphires to semi-precious stones like peridot, turquoise, topaz, and tourmaline.

Sparsh – Touch of elegance issues certificate of purity and authenticity with its each masterpiece.

Sparsh – Touch of elegance, the jewellery collection, shall leave you mesmerized with its intricate designs and inimitable craftsmanship.



Showroom:- Bandra and Zaveri bazaar

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Sparsh – Laughing Buddhas Necklace for women

Sparsh – diamond studded cufflinks for men

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