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PTM360 Help Schools Overcome Challenges & Promises Success

Acads360 India Pvt Ltd., a web and product development company, has developed PTM360 a desktop/mobile application to address challenges faced by educational institutions.

Right from attendance management to payroll management, administration to accounting, schools should manage everything from end-to-end. Recent studies have shown that 70% of school management is seeking new ways to unravel these tedious tasks. Also, data storage has become a big concern for many schools. Hence, schools require a system that can help management manage their activities with ease and minimal human resources. Check PTM360 app features.

Every teacher has to deal with paper work, class activities and performance evaluation. Starting from managing Homeworks, generating report cards, conducting exams, tracking class room performance to planning remedial classes, teachers struggle to manage these activities.

Teachers are finding it difficult to track the progress of individual student and are unable to find the key areas where students should improve their skills. Above all, effective academic planning is something where most teachers need a system to ensure success.

In this hectic schedule, parents are unable to track their child’s progress and activities in school. Due to lack of time, parents are finding it difficult to communicate with teachers. In fact, they are looking for smart ways to interact with teachers regarding their child’s performance. Hence, an effective communication system that can help parents collaborate and co-ordinate with teachers is highly required these days.

In order to address these challenges, Acads360 India Pvt Ltd. has built PTM360, which can help schools overcome these barriers with ease. Acads360 has come up with this application to support DigitalIndia. PTM360 is geared towards helping schools automate everything and enhances collaboration between parents and teachers. With the help of PTM360, schools can manage activities effectively and emphasize more on teacher & student growth and achievement.

What’s in for schools?

  • Save management time by 80%
  • Save paper by 80℅
  • Curb expenses by 60%
  • Save parents time by 50%
  • Save teachers time by 30%

About Acads360

Acads360 India Pvt Ltd. is a software development company that aims to provide state of art solutions to educational institutions. The company offers digital solutions to educational institutions, helping them to enter the digital arena.

Our software professionals have hands-on experience in software application and development, web application development, mobile apps development and IT management. At Acads360, we help schools to fast-track their activities and emphasize on student & teacher growth. Our motto is to help schools curb extra expenses through complete digitization. We provide extensive training on PTM360 and extend comprehensive support round the clock.

Photo Caption:India’s First Mobile app for Parents, Teachers and Management

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