E-Ticketing Machines, CCTV & WiFi for DTC Buses in Delhi

Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) has announced the introduction of automated fare collection by use of e-ticketing machines in New Delhi, starting November 2015.

The ETM (E-Ticketing Machines) are being provided by a third party company. Proposed in year 2010, the concept of ETM shall commence this month followed by WiFi availability from December 2015.

A common mobility card was also proposed in 2010 which shall enable passengers to travel by the Delhi Metro Railway and the DTC buses. Conflicts regarding revenue sharing however kept the plan from being implemented. The corporation has stated that it shall work on the common mobility card system followed by the introduction of ETM and shall make sure that all other buses of the corporation are also enabled with ETM by April 2016.

The CCTV cameras will also be installed by December 2015 in all DTC buses.

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