WROGN Auditions get Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli Tweeting

The last two days have seen some exciting twitter action between cricketing legend Sachin Tendulakar and the current team captain, Virat Kohli. It all started when Sachin tweeted “Hey @imVkohli, I want to play!” Coming on the heels of Virat Kohli making it to the list of the owners of UAE Royals of the International Premier Tennis League (IPTL), it was quickly assumed that Sachin was referring to playing tennis!


It didn’t help the matter that Virat responded to Sachin’s tweet with “Not sure you have what it takes @sachin_rt paaji!” And they left it at that on Friday!


The next morning, Sachin responded to Virat saying “Of course I have what it takes @ImVKohli! What’s the catch?” To which Virat hit right back with a link to play the Wrogn Auditions. Sachin, replied; “I’m playing! Are you? 



Part of the WROGN Auditions campaign promotions, the small twitter exchange had every one talking about it on social media, with immense speculations revolving around the IPTL angle. However, Sachin’s first tweet was referring to the WROGN Auditions, a game presented by WROGN, a break away youth fashion brand, co – owned by Virat Kohli. The game is now live on the website: and can be downloaded from the app store on iOS and Google Play Store for Android.


Co – owned by Universal Sportsbiz Pvt. Ltd and Indian Cricket team captain Virat Kohli, WROGN launched in November 2014, and has since gained immense popularity. With a unique combination of color and detailing, WROGN garments are a quintessential accomplice for a care free lifestyle!



WROGN (pronounced wrong), launched in October 2014, is a breakaway youth fashion brand which is inspired by the distinctive sense of style and the enormous youth appeal of cricketing genius, Virat Kohli. WROGN is an extension of his bold and dynamic personality which is expressed in each piece of clothing. WROGN is targeted towards open minded and progressive young men, who like to make their own choices  in life. The brand is experimental in its ethos and product philosophy. WROGN is one of the highest selling fashion brands on fashion portal Myntra and is available in prominent Shoppers Stop locations.

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