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Xpedient Digital Celebrates 10th Anniversary; Launches 3 Healthcare Platforms

Xpedient Digital Media, a fast growing internet media agency in Hyderabad, is proud to commemorate its tenth anniversary on 15th August 2015. The company is now entering into a health vertical as eHealthMedia to fill the gap and facilitate the communication between patients and healthcare professionals.

In today’s healthcare industry, doctors often overlook the emotional woes that patients and their families undergo as they are busy with their schedule and caught up with new challenges in their professional life. And, people are also facing difficulty to get the right healthcare information online. In order to address these challenges, eHealthMedia has come up with three platforms-Health Watch Center, Health Watch Channel and India Clinics to help people get the right information at the right time. is a content platform for doctors to educate patients with their expertise and knowledge by sharing health related information and articles. is an exclusive video platform where doctors share videos related to various health issues, preventive measures, post-operative care, and treatments and procedures. is a platform where people can find clinics/hospitals of any specialty nearest to their location. People can also get general clinic related information, view ratings and compare options and treatments.

Information shared across these channels is written and authenticated by certified doctors. It will help people to advance their knowledge and find better solutions for various health concerns. At the same time, doctors can also increase their reputation and gain credibility online.

eHealthMedia empower patients and caregivers by providing them valuable information and platforms necessary to efficiently navigate through the online healthcare information. The mission is to help people find the right doctor and the right hospital for the better care, which can ultimately make healthcare a better experience.

Our motto is to bring people and healthcare professionals closer together, thus helping them lead better lives” said P. Narasimha Reddy, the Managing Director of Xpedient.

About Xpedient Digital Media

Established in 2005, Xpedient Digital Media is set to offer digital marketing services for online businesses. The company offers broad-array of services such as content marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Paid Advertising on a global scale and helps small and large businesses gain a significant edge in the industry.

Xpedient manages more 100 websites operating in various verticals such as health, travel, home & lifestyle, technology and reach to more than 5Million people every month.

All the services and strategies are devised after years of practice and continuous experiments. We thrive to help small businesses grow by providing cost-effective digital marketing solutions of highest quality. We walk a mile extra to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

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