Jasleen – Sarvjeet: Case Takes New Turn – Eyewitness Testimony

jasleen-sarvajeetTwo days earlier Jasleen Kaur, a Delhi based girl took social media by a storm accusing a biker near Tilak Nagar to have passed disrespectful comments at her. The man Sarvajeet Singh was later identified and arrested by the Tilak Nagar police. However, Sarvajeet and his parents requested further investigation to gather eye-witnesses who would definitely speak the truth and prove Jasleen to be on the wrong side.

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While the nations’ media was after Sarvajeet with administrative authorities congratulating the girl on her brave move, an eyewitness Mr. Biswajeet seems to have turned the tables. In his interview with Zee News, he clearly stated that Sarvajeet was the victim. He was trying to take a left turn right at the moment the traffic signal turned red. Jasleen, who was crossing the road stopped and abused him verbally. In response, Sarvajeet asked to call the traffic police constable present to take care of the situation and fine him if he has done anything wrong. Jasleen then took a photograph of the number plate of Sarvajeet’s bike followed by a snap of him sitting on his bike.

The eye-witness clearly stated that they thought Jasleen to be traffic volunteer from the way she was talking. After this eye witness account, it somehow supports the people who have been thinking Jasleen did a publicity stunt. However, it is too early to reach any conclusion before complete police investigation. The final verdict is yet to come.

Here is the video from Zee News:

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