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Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre to Organize Consultation Clinic for Leucoderma Patients in Mumbai

  • The consultation clinic in Mumbai will be on August 21st at Hotel Orchid, Nehru Road, Santacruz East, Mumbai
  • Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre to organize more clinics across the country

Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre is organizing one day consultation clinic for leucoderma patients on August 21st, Sunday at Hotel Orchid, Nehru Road, Santacruz East, Mumbai. Defence Institute of Bio-Energy Research (DIBER), a unit of Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India has made a major breakthrough to innovate scientifically proven drug Lukoskin, which fights against the highly prevalent Social Stigma – Leucoderma, based on the marvelous healing properties of the selected rare herbs . The clinic is scheduled between 10 AM and 4 PM.

DRDO’s scientists took many years in developing the treatment regimen and establishing its efficacy and safety, making use of modern scientific techniques. The comprehensive Leucoderma treatment involves addressing the associated complications like incompatible food habits, nutritional deficiency, compromised immunity, Poor liver functions of the body and certain do’s and don’ts in food and life style to be followed for the utmost advantage of the patients and faster recovery.

Dr. Nitika Kohli, Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre, says, “It’s a myth that Leucoderma is a non-curable disease; Lukoskin if supplemented by, few changes in dietary and lifestyle habits, we can fight Leucoderma. Till few years back, people were reluctant in expressing about this physical conditions, but now patients are ready to come out. We support this positive sign and therefore, have organized these consultation clinics in Kochi, Mumbai and many other cities in order to offer treatment to hundreds of patients. we don’t only provide medical consultation to the patients, but also provide counseling sessions to patients and their families, who have different misconceptions about the disease We received great response in the previous clinics in Mumbai and expecting even better turn out around this time as well.

Since inception, Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre has treated over 50,000 patients across the country and abroad. With the help of DRDO’s product Lukoskin, about 31,500 patients, have recovered to their utmost satisfaction while the rest are in different phases of recovery, based on the marvelous healing properties of the selected rare herbs. Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre is planning for more camps in different parts of the country including Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and J&K. Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre aims to reach out to all those who are affected by Leucoderma and are organizing healthcare camps in order to assist the patients with the right guidance and consultation to fight Leucoderma.

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