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1abtik ag Founded to Fight Sepsis with Novel Antibody Therapeutics

The 1abtik ag was recently founded with the sole focus to develop a game-changing antibody-based therapy for sepsis. 1abtik has now entered the financing phase for the drug development process ranging from the identification of lead compounds to running clinical studies including phase 2.

Sepsis is a disease with a confirmed very high unmet medical need that may affect any person. It often starts with unspectacular, mostly bacterial but also viral, fungal or parasite infections. However, it then seizes the entire body with a very high rate of mortality of up to 30% – 80%, depending on the severity. Close to 20mio cases of sepsis are assumed worldwide per year. The average population mortality rate related to this devastating inflammation is about 60-80 per 100’000. Moreover, up to 50% of the survivors suffer from the post-sepsis syndrome (PSS). World-wide, sepsis is one of the most expensive diseases requiring intensive care unit and emergency room settings.

Currently, there are no approved sepsis-specific drugs available.

1abtik now sets out to provide novel, potent antibody drugs required to lead such program to success. 1abtik is uniquely positioned for this purpose by planning to integrate unappreciated latest scientific data and disease target molecules with highest potency, tailor-made antibodies and in-depth know-how in the field. Past efforts to fight sepsis could neither profit from the recent scientific progress nor from the significant further development of high-end therapeutic antibodies.

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This communication contains certain forward-looking statements, relating to 1abtik’s business, general discussions of strategy and plans or intentions of 1abtik. Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors, which may cause the results of operations, financial condition, performance, or achievements, or industry results of 1abtik to be materially different from any strategy or plans or future results expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements.

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