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JBCN International School Celebrates The 69th Independence Day With Social Message

JBCN Group, a pioneer group in education that has developed a unique educative process by enriching creative experiences through learning beyond the classroom, celebrated the Independence Day by commemorating the efforts of the national leaders who were responsible for giving freedom and have played an important role in creating a bright future of the country.

The ambience of the school was regaled when the young children waved the tricolour flags, and sang Vande Mataram. The two hour programme at the school also incorporated narration of small stories on different freedom fighters from Chandrashekhar Azad to Bhagat Singh. The students were exhilarated to embrace the tricolour flag with confidence and a sense of belonging. Students, teachers, parents came together to celebrate the Independence Day by unfurling the National Flag and singing National Anthem.

The JBCN International School along with its students also imparted social message that aims to generate awareness amongst people around them on the significance of each child’s right to education and abolition of illiteracy from India. The students have created various messages through displays on the Significance of Education and how it would help in creating bright future of the country. Through various pledges and documentaries shown in the school, the students were reminded of the untold sacrifices of the fighters of freedom and how they should worship those patriots who cascaded their blood for achieving freedom.

About JBCN School

JBCN International School is a co-educational school that proposes to offer its learners the advantage of a core international affiliation to the following academic programmes – Cambridge Primary (CP) & International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) as well as the International Baccalaureate Organization’s Diploma Programme (IBDP). School website:

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